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Crimmus 2012

Okay, a little late, but I said I was going to do this so here goes haha. I had a very, very spoiled Christmas this year and I am so grateful. ;v; To be honest I can be a little hard to shop for, so usually best bet is to ask me directly what are some things I want or to give me cash/giftcards. This year I got both! Specifically from Eric's mom and himself, and then I got cash from my grandma and my mom that got the rest of my things. Normal price wise its quite expensive too, but pretty much everything I got was on mega clearance or part of BOGO's, etc which makes me feel really happy~

I took some pictures, and they don't show everything like some smaller knick knacks, jeans, and a shirt (and my car's alignment job haha), but here's most of my Christmas loot for this year!

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Favorite Pokemon By Type

I saw Squeedge's journal doing this, and I thought it was a really good idea! I'm also always spacing on my favorites when people directly ask me, so this will be good to have on hand. Plus it should help with inspiration when I want to draw Pokemon related things.

I included 5 favorites per type. They also aren't in any specific order, I just tried to arrange them so the sprites didn't look too wonky.

Also, HOLY SHIT this took forever and a day. D: I underestimated how much time it would take before starting ffff.Collapse )
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FC Shenanigans

Haha man, I probably should have wrote this like as soon as I got home and the memory was still super duper fresh...but oh well! This will probably be kinda long since it is a recap of my con experience, but I figure I should write it down before too long of time passes.

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Terms and Conditions of Service (Commissions)

( This was referenced with permission from Kayla-La's Terms of Service. My order form is here )

These Terms of Service apply to noncommercial projects only. These terms are subject to revision, editing, and additions without notice, but will not be applied retroactively. To discuss a commercial project or ask questions, please contact me directly at neivecommissions [at live dot com].

Quotes, Payment, and Refunds:

Example prices may not be your quoted price. When you are quoted it is taking into account time, supplies, complexity, detail, and other variables. Your price may be higher or lower depending on these variables.

Once the commission is confirmed and agreed upon by both parties, payment is expected upfront before work is started unless another agreement is arranged (generally reserved for larger projects). If payment is not received within a week the commission will be canceled and your slot forfeit.

A refund can be given upon request, but it will be given minus the price of work already done and/or materials already bought (if applicable) and to the artist's discretion. If a refund is desired, email the artist so that we can work out your reasons for wanting a refund, and a payment plan if your reason is approved.

You (the commissioner) are entitled to a partial refund if the artist misses an agreed upon deadline. You will be entitled to a 10% refund of your commission price after the first day of a missed deadline, with a recurring 10% penalty for every additional 3 days past the initial deadline. This penalty continues until the commissioner is entitled to a full refund or the commission is completed. Your commission will still be completed if you desire it, and you will not have to return the refunded money even if the artist ultimately refunds you the full commission price in penalty fees.

If you want to cancel the commission and request a refund as soon as the deadline is missed, in these circumstances it will be approved. You will be refunded your commission price minus the cost of work done, and a payment plan will be set up if the artist requires one. If this circumstance occurs and you are willing to commission me (the artist) again in the future, you will receive a 20% discount from your next order as an apology for our previous transaction.

You will be entitled to a limited series of minor revisions during the sketch phase. You are limited to 2 series of minor revisions. After the 2 series limit the artist will reserve the right to charge for additional revisions. Art can not be changed once a sketch is approved. Exceptions to this are made on a case by case basis only and may incur a fee.

Paypal is the only accepted form of payment at this time outside of convention spaces.

When paying via Paypal, please send as a Purchase > Services payment and in USD ($) currency.

The artist reserves the right to refuse any commission for any reason, as well as to cancel any commission at any time. Money will be refunded minus any work that has been done in these circumstances.

Shipping and Traditional Media:

Shipping costs are the buyer's responsibility, and unless stated otherwise are not included with the initial price. The artist will give you a quote for shipping if you desire it.

Desired shipping of originals is also not assumed. If you want the original piece, please say so ahead of time by including it in your order form.

The artist is no longer responsible for the item once it has been shipped. You will be asked if you want to pay extra for tracking, insurance, and/or delivery confirmation before the art is shipped.

Communication and Etiquette:

Email is the preferred method of communication. Please try to keep all contact regarding your commission to email for easy organization.

If you are unresponsive to attempts at communication for a month or more without any warning, the commission will be considered canceled. Full or partial refunds are left to the artist’s discretion pending eventual contact from you within 15 days after cancellation. After 45 days of no contact (30 days for cancellation, 15 for potential refund), the money is forfeit and no refunds will be considered. However, whenever you do come into contact with the artist again you will still be entitled to your commission if you desire it and be put back on the queue.

Please be aware the artist works at a slower pace than some and is a full time student, among other things. You usually will not be waiting more than a few weeks, but do not expect to receive your art in a matter of days. The artist will attempt to notify you of delays, and will try to be as prompt as possible with your commission. When school is in session the wait time may be longer.

Please limit yourself to asking about your commission no more than once a week. Failure to abide this may result in your commission being canceled. The artist will try to be proactive about providing updates to you without being prompted.

Rude, abusive, or harassing behavior toward the artist will result in immediate cancellation of your commission. A refund will be given minus any work done in this circumstance.

Subject Matter:

Please know what you want before asking for a commission.

The artist is willing to do adult commissions and design characters, but will charge extra to do so. With adult commissions, the artist draws human based anatomy. If you want a more animal based anatomy, it may incur a fee.

The artist will not draw: Scat, watersports, vomiting, mecha, intense gore (mild is fine, but not my strongpoint), hard vore, inflation/extreme obesity, animal abuse, underage characters in adult situations, and a few others that will be added later as they are thought of. The artist will also not draw hateful, racist, homophobic, or other prejudiced subject matter.

The artist can bypass subject discomfort for an extra fee and by making the commission private. (In a private commission such as this you will have limited rights for posting and redistribution, and it will not be posted in the artist's gallery.) For very extreme subject matters you will NOT have rights to post or redistribute the work in question anywhere, including your personal galleries. Please email me if this is something you'd like to inquire about, as it is a case-by-case basis only.

The artist will only draw trademarked characters on a case by case basis.

If you are unsure if the subject matter is acceptable, please ask! The artist is okay with -many- subject matters, and will not belittle or shame anyone with a more variant taste even if declined. Quite a few of the things turned down are done simply because the artist isn't adept at the subject, not because of personal judgement.

Rights and Permissions:

The artist retains full rights to the artwork unless it is arranged for you to pay extra for those rights. This includes advertisement and prints (but you typically will be asked for permission first, for courtesy's sake). Private commissions may be negotiated, but please do so at the start of the commission process as it may change the price.

Commercial projects will be discussed separately.

You are granted limited rights for personal use. This includes using the image as a wallpaper, icons, signatures, etc. Credit is preferred anywhere the artwork will be public. If you are unsure, please ask. You may re-post the artwork to your personal online galleries as long as full credit is given and it is unedited, unless the artist says otherwise.

You may NOT edit, sell prints of, redistribute without permission, claim credit, or use the commissioned artwork for advertising (including fliers, posters, etc) for profit or non-profit reasons. If you are unsure, please ask. The rights to the artwork must be bought from the artist in order to use it in these manners.

Rejected sketches of your commission may be recycled for later use.

Traditional media pieces that you do not purchase yourself may be resold later. You will be contacted, if possible, so that you will have first chance to purchase it.

The artist will keep your (the commissioner's) personal information private. This includes but is not limited to: email address, home address, real name, and any other personal information that is not already made readily public by you (the commissioner). It will be kept by the artist strictly for commission purposes and nothing more, and will not be redistributed or sold etc. You are required to abide by this same conduct with the artist's personal information.
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(no subject)

Whoops haha. I intended to write a follow up journal last week, but its just been slipping my mind due to all the other things going on. @_@

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(no subject)

I started to write this earlier, but I just felt too stressed out to sit down long enough to do it. After a nap and starting the hair dye I feel much more relaxed to do so.

Sarah was over last night/today to relax and hangout, since its our final weekend before college. (Its kinda scary. It gives me warm fuzzy feelings though to think back and realize how many years its been since we first met at elementary school. I'm excited to be starting my 'adult life', but I do feel a little bit of the Peter Pan complex and its unnerving to realize all the responsibilities that will come with it.)

So Eric and I are gonna be doing school shopping this week, and we have to go up early on Monday to get our student ID's and to finish the crap with Admissions. We already brought in the bank statements and his drivers license (since their online system was registering him as a non-resident, which equals a LOT of money in tuition. Even though he's been here for well over a year.) But it should be all clear now when we go in, and to anyone reading this cross your fingers that we get into our wait listed classes. We're right after one another, and I'm 8 in one and 9 in the other (making him 9 and 10) so we should have a high chance.

However...speaking of Monday, I had to setup a vet appointment for Snoopy. :/ He has a lump on his chin, similar to Toby's but a little off in placement. So its giving me a lot of bad memories and making me really worried. The only reason I didn't take him in RIGHTHEHELLNOW (and trust me, I wanted to) is because their exotic vet isn't available until Monday, and I can't afford a $65 exam fee at the other vets. So I really hope it doesn't get any bigger until then, since it'll be around 11:30AM. I'm scared in if its an abscess they can just cut and drain it, but if it is how long can he wait to get it cut before he gets sick? If its a tumor, that means no inner bursting, but what if its cancer? He seems normal and everything, so it doesn't look like he's ready "to go", but its still awful. This couldn't come at a worse time. My financial aid was pushed back like 8 weeks, since it'll take 6-8 weeks to process and possibly another 2 or so to get me my check.

The only upside to that is I'll get all my money at once instead of in two checks, but still, this leaves me with nothing to really afford it. I'm lucky in that I have the money from my chargeback for the dud straightener to cover the exam and hopefully some medicine/testing, but if he needs surgery $100 probably isn't gonna cover everything. I know most people (even my family) are like "Its just a rat", but ugh. He's not "just a rat" to me, none of them are. They're my little family, and Snoopy is my baby of the group. I love them all to pieces, but he's so sweet and cuddly its hard to not have a teensy bit of favoritism, so its just heartbreaking to think about losing him. (Not that any of them getting sick wouldn't be, but you know...)

I have to study up on the Driver's Handbook this weekend so I can hit up the DMV and get my state ID/start on my drivers license on Tuesday or something. I hear it isn't too hard, its just about making the time for it. I'm still pretty nervous about driving though, not necessarily to learn the controls or anything, but I'm seriously terrified about getting in a car accident. While I'm excited about finally being able to help out more, and drive my own car later this year, the risks that go with it weigh kinda heavily on my mind lol. D:

I guess for happier news I got my haircut yesterday. Its around collarbone length now so its about 5" or so docked off, and I'm dyeing it right now. :) I'm still getting used to it, since sometimes I feel weird with shorter hair, but so far everyone seems to like it and as long as I keep the random curls straight it looks good to me too. I should have a totally spotless house again soon too. The living room is already done since I deep cleaned it the other night, and my room I'm going to be doing tonight. Kitchen and bathroom will be tomorrow, then I just gotta lay down the carpet freshener I got and ta-da~ Clean and fresh smelling house. While I love having all my pets, I do not appreciate the smell they can give off/the fur they leave in the carpets. x__x

Anyway, I think I'm gonna wrap this up. I hope everything goes well on Monday, since depending on how much its gonna cost I might have to open up for more commissions. So in the meantime I'm gonna do a speed cleaning of the room, then try and spend a good amount of time drawing and looking online for school stuff tonight.

Hope you all are doing well. :c
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Art Status

Like the title says, this is the status of the artwork I'm working on. I wanted to have something to post publicly so people/commissioners can know what I'm up to. :3

This was last updated on February 20, 2015. Please keep in mind the school semester has started again, so I apologize in advance if this causes any delays!


Requests: No
Trades: Maybe
Commissions: Maybe


Nicoya: Full body flat colored pinup with background - sketching
Lance: 3 flat colored pinups - Sketched, WIP's sent for approval



Trade with Milktea - Disabled FA, lost contact.


Miscellaneous info for me:

Friends Only

It's still not 100% that I'm gonna be toooo active on here, since I mostly like reading other people's journals when I'm on here instead of writing my own. Gotta get in the habit of writing more about myself I suppose, although stuff I do write is gonna be friends only. :3 I'll keep this public though so people know.
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